This is a new site. I'm not a web designer as you can probably tell but I'll do my best. I created this site so that people would have a place to discuss DVD "backups", Download utilities, and obtain and post info on the subject. As of write now I don't have alot of time but I will try to keep things as up to date as possible. Click on DOCS for various methods including my own 12 step method. You may need to click a couple of times for downloads.

The MPAA, as most large institutions, is over reacting to the "threat of mass piracy" form people like ourselves. Yes there are plants in Taiwan (i have gotten alot of hits from theere Hmmmmmm)or somewhere that are churning out thousands of illegal copies of movies. Do you really think that taking DeCSS and DOD Speed Ripper off the net is going to stop this? NO. Are we mass producing them? NO. Is it possible for the average user to do this? NO. So let's get real MPAA, all we want to do is be able to play your wonderful format in other types of machines, or on airplanes on our laptops.(never a good inflight movie when you want one). Others are just doing it because your saying we can't. The surest way to get at techno-geak to hack something is to use the word "encryption". What is costing the movie industry more? The legal battles over petty little hack sites or the backup copy of a movie I make. Don't get me wrong , I don't condone people doing this for profit. I believe in people protecting their property, however direct your efforts in the appropriate places. Keep the net free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


January 09, 2000

A revised 12 Step Method is out. This method will give you 150 to 250 megs more compression per movie WITHOUT any artifact!!!! Also fast forward !Find HERE

Robshot posted a test DVD UDF image. Read about it HERE.Download it HERE.

Read about chat room here

I know that some of you are having problems with downloading. Reasons and answers are explained in the NEWS page. Hint: Use a resume program!

Read about mpeg7 HERE(what about 5 and 6?)

Pioneer's new software and where to get it free. Read HERE.

Site of the day: HERE

While you are downloading at the bottom of you browser should be a chat room to kill the time!!! :)